Project pen is a platform for imagination.


Tired of way too many shoot-em-ups? Miss narrative-based gaming? It's time to write for video games.

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"You're not in Kansas anymore..." We're looking for script writers who can write for television, film & animation.

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"Don't worry if i write rhymes, i write checks!" Who doesn't love listening to Music Lyrics? But can you write them?

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Featured Storytellers

"You don't call me, you don't write. So don't show up in the middle of the night 2 say that you've been thinkin, cuz we know its jst the drinkin."

When my world is better than reality.

Bana Abu-Maizer, Social Storyteller
"The world as we know it ended at half past five.  No big bang.  No thunderstorm, brimstone, storms.  Just a cessation of life as we know it."

The End

Ammar Majali, Creative Writer
"I am lesser than a skeletal embodiment, than a decadence, of bygone heart palpitations; - I am a fracturable nest of what little parts of you, you’ve allowed me to despoil."


Aya Lozi, Poet & Songwriter
"I knew after the first day of school that I would be a social outcast... despite my father’s orders to tell everyone that he was a Roman Catholic, I told the kids at IC that I was proud to be Lebanese, to be half-Jewish and to be a boy from America."

All Along the River

Joseph Rauch, Creative Writer


Project pen team have a background in digital media and marketing, art, journalism and publishing. We work in two languages: Arabic, and English.

Anwar Khoury


Anwar is the Drupal whizz-kid behind this sparking new platform, and some of the biggest and best known websites in Jordan.


Design & Branding

Salwa designs for project pen in between being fabolous and smoking too much Shisha.

Maisa Khudair


Maisa Khudair combines classical Arabic with cutting-edge skills in digital content, and is Co-Founder and Arabic Publisher at project pen.

John Lillywhite

Publishing Director & Founder

John brings the lessons of an Oxford History degree, a diploma in Law, and a misspent youth to the internet. He lives in a world of books, games, movies and stories. 

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Project pen is a platform for imagination & storytelling. Find out more.

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